Communications Attorneys

Communications cases involve the legal issues that surround the media and telecommunications industries. Most often, these cases include issues such as:

  • Free speech issues
  • Defamation
  • Copyright infringement
  • Censorship
  • Privacy

Schulman Bhattacharya is proud to represent anyone who has been affected by a communications law issue. Most of our communications cases have dealt with journalists, publishes, and broadcast companies, but with the advent of the internet and publication being accessible to all, anyone can be affected by a communications infringement.

Because no two cases are the same, Schulman Bhattacharya handles each communications case with a unique lens.  Our creative team of critical thinkers will analyze your case in order to obtain a favorable outcome, all within a fee arrangement that is mutually beneficial to all parties involved. From there, we roll up our sleeves and begin investigating your case, collecting evidence, interviewing witnesses, and reviewing documents so that we can take control of your case and drive a positive outcome.

If you have a case regarding your communications rights, contact Schulman Bhattacharya now.